At Crichigno Orthodontics we take pride in providing our patients from the Hamilton areas with premier orthodontic treatment. It is not only our goal to create beautiful smiles for our patients, but healthy smiles. This is why it is vital to Dr. Nick and his staff that our patients understand the importance of the retention phase of treatment. By the time your braces come off you and your orthodontist have worked so hard to create that beautiful smile, so why let all that hard work go to waste? Let us look more into retention in order to understand how you can maintain your newly straightened smile.

The Retention Phase Of Orthodontic Treatment

Once your braces have been removed you will then enter the retention phase of orthodontic treatment. Maintaining the results you achieved during the treatment phase is key to the success of the entire orthodontic process. Your retention phase will last for a minimum of 24 months and, for optimal results, can be continued for 5 years following the removal of your braces. Your final orthodontic result will depend on your commitment to wearing your retainers, so make sure to wear your retainers!

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