Common Orthodontic Problems

Dr. Nick Explains Orthodontic Qualifiers

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Crichigno Orthodontics conveniently located in Hamilton/Stoney Creek. Dr. Nick and his staff are committed to providing a comfortable environment for all patients while delivering the best in orthodontic care. We know that every orthodontic case is different and work out individual plans for each patient that walks through our doors. If you think you may be a candidate for orthodontic treatment we encourage you to read through this page, you may have one of these common problems.

  • Underbite-An underbite is characterized by the lower jaw extending out, causing the lower front teeth to sit in front of the upper front teeth.
  • Spacing-Spacing problems may be caused by missing teeth, or they may only be a cosmetic or aesthetic issue.
  • Upper Front Teeth Protrusion-The appearance and function of your teeth are impacted by this type of bite. It is characterized by the upper teeth extending too far forward or the lower teeth not extending far enough forward.
  • Crowding-Crowding occurs when teeth have insufficient room to erupt from the gum. Crowding can often be corrected by expansion, and many times, tooth removal can be avoided.
  • Crossbite-The upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth, which may cause tooth stratification and misaligned jaw growth.
  • Overbite-The upper front teeth extend out over the lower front teeth, sometimes causing the lower front teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth.
  • Openbite-Proper chewing is impacted by this type of bite, in which the upper and lower front teeth do not overlap. Openbite may cause a number of unwanted habits, such as tongue thrusting.
  • Dental Midlines not Matched-This type of problem is caused when the back bite does not fit and match appropriately, which may negatively impact jaw and proper dental function.

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If you think that you may be a candidate for orthodontic treatment we highly encourage you to browse the remainder of our site for more information. Should you have any further questions we are always available to address them, just contact us. We look forward to seeing your smile!